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22 April 2016

Count Down to Exhibition

Well the bags are packed, the work is done and everything is ready for The Material Girls  exhibition 'British Birds' over the Holiday weekend.
30th April - 2nd May

The work has involved struggle... for some reason each piece has taken against me, being difficult - office chairs which sink at a vital moment, causing hiccup stitches, equipment which works perfectly on the test then mashes up the real piece, knocking glue over which is making a river towards the work.  There's gesso on the phone, paint on a jumper, snapped scalpel blades and a growling sewing machine.  Even almost straightened out a curved needle.  To name a few.  Its been long time since I felt so consistently and overwhelmingly conspired against.  But breathe, its all achieved.

I will share images once its up, but for my month and bird, the four pieces involve....
~ a bit of realism
~ a pun on words
~ a tongue firmly in cheek joke
~ interpretive dance

you will need to visit to see which is what.  Its FREE, and I will be there Saturday afternoon.

So what next..... The Material Girls are going to spend some time in personal creative development.
I have things to make for, sent in an Intent form for a selected exhibition.  Have an Art Trail to apply for and a creative afternoon Workshop for Embroiderers' Guild to prep.

Ideas for all of this involve : structured process, methodical thought, free flowing fun, research, mental gymnastics, colour, play.
So far as often happens, it mainly exists rattling around in my head, where as always happens, the ideas and interpretation are magnificent!

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this.... a posed photo for a competition, which didn't get anywhere, but then Seeing Red, of late, kinda explains it all.....

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Emma said...

I love that things exist in your head, that's where all my life is! But you did pull some of it out, good luck with the exhibition & everything else - nothing that's any good comes easily. ;)