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21 August 2016

September will be Busy

Thought I'd share a few taster images of things to come.
Prep, and delivery are starting from Monday.

Its gearing up to be busy - and as always its not the physical work that gets me, I find that doable - its switching the mind set from one thing to another.  Anyway plans are underway.  

First on the list HADLEIGH ART TRAIL  - entered very last minute and really to see how it goes.  I will have work in glass display cabinets, so you will need to go inside.  My hosts are also first time Trailers, so please visit and encourage.  I will also put a piece in the communal display at The Old Fire Station (opposite Morrisons).  It won't have new work in it, but will not have been seen in the area before.  So I'm submitting my map work, which I come back to again and again.  Here's a taster:

Following on and setting up before the above has been taken down, its time for ROCHFORD ART TRAIL.  
This year, the husband has decided to also enter.  He has never done anything of this ilk before - having been given the Library as a venue, and the foyer at that, please let me say I am not jealous, at a first timer getting a venue with lots of footfall   yeah right - I'm very pleased for him, but if he sells loads of work, I shall expect a Consultation Fee.   He's way too laid back about it all for my liking!   Here's a taster of his work.  The library is closed, Monday, Wednesday.

Its digitally altered photography.  He's very happy taking photos and spending hours altering the effects.  You will have to take a look at the one above to see it in full.

I am back at the familiar venue of the Opticians.  These people are soooo nice, and I will have new work to show.  Here's a little snippet.

I will also be taking part in the Art Fair on Saturday 17th September, The Tack Room, Horse & Groom pub.  I have never done this part of the Trail before, usually because the date clashes, last year I had 30 minutes to visit, and usually I have a meeting on the same day. So I'll give it a go, I have small sales pieces available - bring your CASH.

***All the dates, and venues are on right of blog page***

And then we move on to the hush hush stuff, so this is to be read through half shut eyes!!!

I have been offered a chance to join in with something, which excites me immensely, but I cannot reveal it, until October.  A big thrill for me, but perhaps a "is that it" for you.

The Material Girls meet also whilst the latter Trail is on...(I have 5 consecutive days where I have art related appointments, some 5 minutes, others more involved).  We will be cranking up a gear for our next project, details of which I can't share, but I have firm ideas now on what to make, (mhmmm think I can say, influenced by an Essex man in a dress) but not starting til our meeting, so as to check the brief again, in case its not the right fit.

In the meantime I need to play... so about to get fingers messy with some paint.


Emma said...

Very envious of your many art tails & how you manage to keep up with them all! The part images are intriguing & how you can keep us waiting till October for your news i don't know! Just caught up with your beautiful tabbies! We've never had a tabby before, they have such lovely markings, don't they?

Beverley said...

Emma, its everything or nothing, highlighter pens, and post it notes on back of front door!!!
Our tabby mix are firsts for us too... rescue kittens. Spike, with the tabby cheeks, also has ginger striped leg warmers on back legs, and a tabby patch on stomach. Bandit is all white legs, and currently looks like local hoodlum. Don't know where that cat sticks his nose to get it so scratched, at least 3 instances past week!