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20 April 2011

Eating the Elephant!!!

This is a pic of some more PPL in progress. Not a lot of creativity has been done this past week.
I've been submerged in paperwork, and learning my new ERTF role. Every situation using the internet is always different, terminology changes even if the end result is the same, and its a matter of learning the phrasing for that particular environment. Had quite a bit of trouble understanding 'two websites'.... from the Web Master's viewpoint is likely is two entities, but for me, its One website, with Two sections. Got it now!!! But then we have big arguments in this house, because my keyboard doesn't have an Enter key - its has a Carriage Return, but then I am old enough to have learned to type to music, via a record player, sigh, what's one of those!!!

There were so many dates and details and must do items last week, I was beginning to lose track of the when and the what, so ended up spending some time drafting up an at a glance calendar from now to end of October. Much easier. Oh and squirm, I wrote a tick off list for some immediate things! A phrase Stacey reminded me of at the Conference - How Do You Eat an Elephant? : One Bite At a Time.

I was asked last week, why I don't put too much personal stuff on this blog. The answer is, I think my life is full of enough trivia and rubbish to warrant the world knowing about it. Plus I don't really have the need for an outlet for the domestic angst. I write a diary, and have been doing so for years and years. Much as I can write a lot faster via the keyboard, there is something about using a particular notebook and pen to commit my thoughts. So my venting and trivia of life get recorded elsewhere. Do you really want to know that when my husband isn't here my cat gets up at 5.30am and yowls and screams to wake me up - yet when he's here, same animal has a lay-in and we get up before it does!!!
Now, I really really must get on and do some art work - first dust the sewing machine!!! ggg

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