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29 April 2011

There was a Wedding Today!!!

As I write Liz and Phil are in the kitchen heating up the sausage rolls - Harry is being told off for demolishing the cheese and pineapple hedgehogs, the little bridesmaids have fallen asleep.  Kate's kicked her shoes off, and William is on the computer buying his Eurolottery ticket!!!
I didn't watch for THE dress or any of that so much as I love that some things are so rooted in history, and I love the pageantry, the Guardsmen and the beautiful horses, in al their splendour.
What a lovely day it is.... we've had such a long horrible Winter and there's been so much bad and unfortunate things happen in the world, and  natural disasters giving rise to more sadness.  Its actually nice to have a day full of positives, and smiles, lots and lots of smiles, cheering and feeling good.  I think we need a big dose of that, whether you are a fan of the Royals or not.  So for today, shake off your worries and concerns, relax and smile.

Oh, and I'm thrilled... removed IE9 from the puter and now everything is back working as it should - apparently blogger and 9 aren't that compatible.

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