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01 May 2011

First - find one's workspace!!!

This is my workspace - not very big as you can see, and this is it in the process of tidying the room up!!!  As if the table isn't big enough things creep onto the windowsill, currently half a quilting ruler, yes I did say half, it slid under the chair leg, I leaned on the chair and snap!  Also on the sill a pencil case, which I keep my rotary cutter in.  I have a couple of designer, Kipling, pencil cases, having decided sometime back that as an artist darhling I ought to have a better pencil case than the kids versions usually bought.  The large mauve one is hiding on the left, and the latest bright pink is on the right, and yes I keep my Kipling monkeys on them.  There's paperwork to be filed but I've managed to keep my newly created schedule of what and when, on the top!  The hidden can is 404 glue spray, which I love, doesn't clog the sewing machine.  The white wallet is full of all sorts, scooped up everything laying around about a week ago and its ended up in here, to be sorted. There's my little A6 sized book where I record everything I've done in the week - here  is more info about it.  The plastic box is another let's scoop it all up.  The green is a rubbing plate (kids version not arty expensive), the rotary cutter is in there, note not in the case on the sill (sigh), there are needles, business cards, cutting knife, pens all sorts to go away.  At the front, baby wipes - can't live without those, use them to wipe over the sewing machine, the table, me!!!  On top a scissor/knife sharpener, had that out last night to sharpen the purple scissors laying there.  I love love love my purple Janome scissors - think they are the Professional range, don't tell him indoors but I've ordered another pair, that will make 3, plus snips, and I have a blue pair which are not the soft handles, which I use for cutting paper.  The little white photo sized wallett is actually full of painted cut out lutradur hearts.  There's an NI letter, cos I'm registered as self employed Artist (cough choke).  And somewhere you might see a cutting mat peeoping through.  The whole table is a bit like the proverbial swan, lots more going on which is not immediately visible.  I've actually come upstairs to try to find some space... but we all know there is a rule, things which come out of the cupboard, do not fit the same space going back  in!!!  Wish me luck, I may be gone some time!!!

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