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11 May 2011

Speaking the Language of Art.... or not!

Last week I sent off my Art Trail application... the hardest thing on applications is the words... I do so hate the art speak, feel that really isn't me at all, and yet sometimes I feel like I've drifted into it. Its like being in an art class, whilst there, I understand every word, I can juxtapose, sort dichotomies, know my tertiary from my analogous, with the rest of them, but get home and its, "what on earth do these notes I made actually mean". I don't understand half the words I've written down.

Some applications want to know about the work, others, the artist and work, and others have limited numbers of words, 35, 50. It can get to feel like the tie-breaker question in a competition: I buy purry cat food because.......
The words, especially when you have to write them now for work which may not be displayed for 6 months, 8 months, may be longer, work not even made yet, well I'm learning how to write something interesting, relevant and yet at the same time suitably vague!!! (Could also be politician speak.)
Made the mistake early on of saying my work is... then at the exhibition realising actually it isn't. I try really hard not to speak PCT - Pretentious Claptrap - but unfortunately saying "I made it this way cos I wanted to and I like it, and its got red bits cos I ran out of blue" just isn't the done thing, sigh. So alas I find there are times when in order to be in the game you have to speak the language, or else not play at all.
Interesting programme on tv at the moment, BBC2, 5.15pm each evening "Show Me the Monet" - all about artists of varying experience trying to get their work into a selected exhibition - you may find it contains artspeak   :-)

Now, let me see when I have a window in my Filofax so we can set up an interface - see you next time!!!

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