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22 June 2011

Its All Change....

Its alright, I've stopped dancing now!!!  At the moment I'm on Avoidance Technique number 235 - write a blog post!!!
I'm feeling a bit fed up today... sign of the times, finances being what they are for people at the moment.  You will likely know that the Julia Caprara School has ceased to be - check out Chris or Gina's blogs, to read of the upset and difficulty this is causing.  I only reaslised at the end of last week, that the Windsor (East Berkshire College) textile courses are also at an end.  It was a must on the calendar, and I have travelled over there a few times (though not recently it must be said).  I find this such a shame, because when it comes to the likes of textiles and particularly when these courses are aimed at adults - these are people who want to study - and for many (as it was for me with my studies) a long held ambition to do so.  City & Guilds has all but disappeared from colleges too, and my local college which always held wonderful summer school projects in textiles, this year is offering only a couple - one on how to knit and one on how to use your sewing machine, sigh.
Last week brought the news that the USA publication Fiberarts has also ceased to be.  I've been taking this, I think since the mid 1990s.  You would almost assume that with an international readership they could keep going.  And now I understand that the UK's Workbox magazine is also either at an end or about to be.  I didn't take this one, but in my opinion it was always the best magazine for reviews of textile groups and exhibitions.  And we lost Classic Stitches last year I believe.
I wonder, just by blogging, if in my small way I contribute to the demise of these things.  Everythng but everything is out there now, the internet gives us information about whatever we want.  Techniques, products, direct contact with artists via their own websites or blogs - its all instant, and available to cherry pick. Whilst I still take magazines (two of them are via digital that way I can afford them both) I very  much enjoy everything about them. I read everything even the ads!!  And I love unwrapping the new magazine, the smell of the ink on the paper... yep sad I know.  But still you have to take the articles you don't like alongside the ones which you do - and that makes it a considered purchase, particularly when prices increase and personal budgets get tighter - and if the odds stack the wrong way for you personally - well that's another purchaser lost.
I expect someone will see the gap and want to fill it - either courses or magazine wise - but the question to ask is, if these long established organisations couldn't weather the current economics, beware.
Right that's my Wednesday philosophy over with... and remember this, when life is dire........ there is always CHOCOLATE!  If you're nice, you can have a lick!


dianehobbit said...

Magazines are plentiful at the moment, especially for paper crafts. Hobbycraft have a few new magazines mainly on basic sewing, so publications obviously feel there is still room in the ever increasing Market. Why then are colleges stopping courses? I for one would love to study some more, and online courses are not what I want.
Like you say perhaps the internet is to blame!

Gina said...

Well put Beverley. I was disappointed that Fibrearts has disappeared. I've been a subsciber for about four years now and don't think there is anything else like it. It really did put Textiles in the Fine Art world.

Lesley said...

Today's news even puts chocolate in the firing line what with Thorntons changing to franchise only shops and Cadbury's not being Cadbury's anymore. Come to me and have cake! Lemon cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, lavender cupcakes,rose cupcakes do I need to go on? Or you could have scones, jam and clotted cream.