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24 June 2011

Burnham Art Trail OPENS 25th JUNE

First off, rejection.  I didn't get into this year's Essex Open.  Surprised, not really, been counting up.  I've entered now 7 times, and got in twice.  Like everything its subjective, who knows what the judges were looking for.  The good news about this event is that its not a fortune gambled on entry fees - and you have to be in it to win it.  So having tried, I think that now gives me bragging rights, to walk around the exhibition muttering under my breath "my piece was better than that one" ggg

The good bit - tonight is the launch party of the Burnham Art Trail.   There's my work in situ, at Venue 22.  And no, they won't mind you walking in for a look.  Between us we decided on the back wall only - 5 pieces - as that would cause least disturbance to diners.  Work for the art trail has to stay in place for the entire duration (25th June - 3rd July) although it is available to purchase.
However, at the Museum there will be work to purchase and take away there and then.  I have put in  two small, what I call 'artist enhanced sketchbooks' because I did not make the actual books plus 10 'postcards'.  The sketchbooks are £6 each and the postcards £15 each.  The postcards are mini artworks, 8" x 6" so not small, they do have high quality cartridge paper on the back, so you could write on them if you wish, or frame them - and of course there has been for years and years various projects sending "naked" art postcards through the post to see if they arrive whole, so you could try that, if you wanted, but no guarantees as to what might happen.
Do go along to the Trail for a visit - most things are displayed to be viewed from outside the premises, those inside expect visitors, so don't be shy.  I will be stewarding in the Museum on the afternoon of 30th June, so say hello.


Miriam Weaver said...

Sorry you didn't get into the Essex Open, maybe next year? Hope the Art Trail goes well, classy restaurant, table cloths and 3 sorts of glasses, very up market in Burnham then.

Catherine L. Mommsen said...

I agree with Miriam ... very nice venue! Good luck there.

And I also agree with judging in juried shows. So hard to know what they are looking for. I've pretty much gotten so that I don't enter unless they accept digital entries. It's hard to shlepp work around, leave it, and then have to go back again to pick it up if it's rejected.

Do you have certain parameters for entries? I mean, do you stick to certain types of venues, or just decide on a show-by-show basis?

Am enjoying you blog.

Catherine L. Mommsen
Near Washington DC USA

Beverley said...

Yep, Burnham is posh!!! Thanks Miriam, Catherine.
Art Trails, the venue is given to you by the organiser, so its down to the artist to work out, with the venue host, how to display work. Sometimes that's a challenge, as they are businesses, not venues designed for art displays. I don't enter anything else much, simply because there's not much around to try for, and entry fees versus return are always a consideration - but I'm working on a piece for the ERTF selected show.....

Anonymous said...

had a great afternoon over at Burnham this afternoon looking round the trail. enjoyed seeing your pieces in the restaurant, though the only diners were at a table right by them - the staff were very nice. was some very interesting work, and enjoyed walking round the town, even though was incrediably hot.
Juliet Bryson

Lesley said...

Never mind it's their loss not yours unless it cost you to enter and I agree you can always walk round and say very loudly that your piece is much better than that...No on second thoughts don't say it too loudly.
I looked up the restaurant hosting your work, boy it's posh! I hope you sell loads.