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30 June 2011

Sales, Stewarding and Scrubbing!!!

I've been over to Burnham Art Trail to steward today.  Hooray, found out I've sold a couple of Postcards - this is one of them.  I hope whoever has purchased enjoys.
Alas I don't have a photo of the other...  I'd sealed it up in its cello bag before I realised and of course photos through plastic aren't so good.  But it is one of my map pieces.  Must do more of these, as they seem to get comment and be appreciated.
The Trail is on until Sunday, so plenty more time to go out and buy!!  I've heard some nice things said about my actual pieces on display, so that's good.
Art wise I am working, but not on things I can show you.  My piece for the ERTF selected exhibition is coming along - slowly.  Actually its a bit like the days of studying C&G - lots of part bits laying around, trying to plan out when to do, as for instance I'm out at a stitchy meeting on Tues, so makes sense to have something of this I can take with me to do.  My fingers bear evidence to working - no, not blisters - rather dye ingrained into the nail bed - cough, it was navy blue, so they look a bit grim.  Didn't you wear gloves I hear the cry - errr no.  I'm useless with gloves, have a box of them, do wear them, but also manage to get everything inside them anyway.  So its a scrubbing brush, followed by a large dollop of hand cream.  At least this is better than the bloody massacre of the other week - when I foolishly decided to remove a spray nozzle from some paint, as it wouldn't work.  Except once dismantled I pressed it and it squirted all over me, the table, notebooks - and it was red.  See its not the creative art stuff that's a problem... its the time it takes to clear up the resulting mess.


chocolatefrog said...

That's fantastic, well done! Wear your artist's blue fingers with pride, heehee.

Lesley said...

Well done re the sales.
I often go down to school with multi coloured hands can't do gloves either.