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06 July 2011

Sun, Sea (and Wind and Rain)

I still feel like I'm running to stand still, art wise.  Nothing finished, deadlines approaching. The Burnham Art Trail I ended with my two postcard sales.  So if you went to the Trail but would like more information you can always contact me, look up my website.

You know how us British always talk about the weather, with good reason, yesterday was stuffily hot - today its chucked it down with rain, but I've been out to the seaside, which is not many miles from me, when the rain stopped.  But its blowing a howler of a wind - so obviously the wind surfers were having a good time.  Sun was bright so I couldn't actually see what photos I was taking, - not like the photographer in the corner with his super duper camera.  Mine was more like a 'lucky dip' sweetie bag, had to wait until I got home to see what I'd captured.The expedition is to do with another project which I can't tell you about - not least cos its got the tiniest smidge of an idea, as in - I think I'd like to base it on.................
But this pic, is literally at the bottom corner of Essex - its open sea to the left, and straight up to London/beyond on the right - this is the Thames Estuary.

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Su said...

Oh I wish I could be on that beach - I love windy deserted seashores.