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13 July 2011

Dead fly, anyone?

I'm aware that I'm not showing off anything exciting - well most of my making is for other purposes, which have first dibs, so I can't. But I am doing stuff, honest. The ERTF selected exhibition for instance - deadline a little over a week away, cough choke.
The above is what we did at our Embroiderers' Guild meeting this past Saturday.  We, a rather loose term, this is what I did - everyone else made nice pretties, I got out the paper string to make mine.  They want me to make a spider to go on it.... I told them I'd leave it on the windowsill and wait for a dead fly to land!!!
Yesterday I went to my first meeting as a member of The Material Girls.  Again I can't say what I'm up to for that because its only the beginning of an idea for one, but also that too is for exhibition next year.  Enjoyed the meeting immensely.  So nice to be able to sit and chat textiles with others.  Whilst of course we do that with the EG and I do value it, its not the same as within an exhibiting group.  All of the various organisations or magazines I take give me little bits of what I need to make up the whole - and I like that.
So today I need to crack on with the ERTF piece.... it is an absolute masterpiece - in my head!!!  But before we start, as always I need a cuppa - want one?  You will have to provide your own choccy biccies I'm afraid.

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Miriam Weaver said...

Good to see you yesterday. I enjoy the chat and seeing how everyone is approaching the same topic from different directions and bouncing ideas off each other.