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25 August 2011

Effort and Return

Finally I am doing some work... well cough choke, attempting.  This is the "before" - various old maps, in the queue.  After a bit of processing, part done, we have this:
which will have further surface additions.  But I'm struggling.  I can do these with my eyes shut, and actually in lots of ways I find it a comfort to make them, there's a rhythm about the process.   Its all contradiction because I like doing them because I know how, I have multiple variations of this technique, its soothing and yet repetition irritates - although I like pieces which are the same but different!!!   See  I give myself a headache just thinking about it all.  But the problem at the moment is one of "I've got to make them" - which immediately turns it into a difficulty.  Even after a stern self lecture "just get on with it" - I do and I have but it still feels like my fingers are made of lead.  See, I should learn... should make when there's no pressure, no deadlines, then I'd race through them.  But everything is a struggle, even fetching out the portfolio case where maps are kept is an effort, and incidently its not gone away again, cos that's even more effort!!!
The Rochford Art Trail has added in a Taster Exhibition - aside from actually writing it in my diary and sketchbook, I've not got round to what to submit for it yet.  Still take in is only 10 days away - plenty of time - I suspect Emperor's New Clothes might be the idea!!!   Its a masterpiece darhlink, what do you mean you can't see anything... except a price tag....
Tomorrow more PL work - Production Line, may be, after a cuppa or three.

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dianehobbit said...

Nothing like a deadline to get you working!