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22 August 2011

ERTF Essex Day at the Seaside

 Bit later than planned, but these are photos from Friday's ERTF Essex Day. I certainly had a wonderful time. I didn't go on the beach, wretched arthritis playing up big time, so I parked myself on a bench on the promenade. The above left was the view when we arrived, tide out. This is Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex, in the distance those buildings are in Kent! By the time we left to go up into the cliff gardens, the tide was coming in, second pic - at quite a speed.
So I sat on my bench did the response type recording, as in not trying to make a beautiful drawing (which for me is a non starter), but rather recording the things which speak to you as an individual, so colours, or shapes, or converting sound into lines or stitches etc. I did a lot of writing to describe things. I found myself sitting in the sun humming away to myself. What a difference a day makes, Thursday has been like Autumn, dull, cold and wet, and here we were in sunshine.
After lunch it was into the Beecroft Gallery to see the Essex Open - remember the one I failed to get in. As usual there are some pieces which are stunning, some which you think, huh, how did that past the grade. And although they accept textiles, its always very few - only three this year. We thought we might bombard them with textiles next year!!
It so nice to meet up with people, and especially those who are new to your acquaintance - there is so much talent around, its nice for it not to be hidden, and to be able to sit with others and chat art/textiles etc I'm not sure I'm continuing with the sea project. We are going to have a follow up meeting to see what's developed. But as this was my first time recording in this way, now I know what I'm aiming for, I think I will be able to choose something more considered and thus take the correct colours or tools with me, most of the stuff stayed in my bag!! So first steps learning.

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chocolatefrog said...

What fun! And much easier to get the sketchbook out in public with a group than on your own? Very atmospheric photos too.