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17 August 2011

Fresh Look - New Ideas

Hello all - have you noticed, we've had a change.  I was looking for something else in the Design area, didn't find, but here we are with a fresh look.  Of course it has to remain purple... my fave colour... and its all about branding darhlinks!!!  Its not just thrown together you know, I've learned bits about branding via names and colours, so my website is also purple/white.
I'm having spooky muzak moments....  remember my posting a couple of weeks back referencing being a Materials driven artist and Jae Maries book - well, duh, lightbulb, the whole reason why this blog is called Fibre-Reaction is because my art is my Reaction to my Fibres (materials) - see I knew that even before Jae wrote her book!!! ggg tut, she only had to ask.....
Sat. at our Embroiderers' Guild, we had a lovely talk by Penny Lynne - illustrating a true event with a series of work.  Another shiver down the spine, work made for a story - and my ERTF piece has a story made for the work... not such a daft idea after all.
This coming Friday I'm out with the ERTF Essex Members, we are doing Location Response artwork.  Whoah, sounds exciting.  Not done this before in the sense that this can be anything, ie drawing or stitching in response to what we see, hear smell.  Another spooky moment, quite like the idea of 'recording' sounds via art.  Remember the November Conference, and a talk by Debbie Lyddon on her work based on music, this (excuse pun) sounded very exciting.  I've done lots of drawing, well mark making to music in art classes but I've never done it otherwise.. why?  I've written here before, I also learned to type to music - I know hysterical laughter at the very idea - but we did.  So I think I must at least give it a go on Friday, listening and recording.  What the point of going if not to challenge and learn something new.
Years back with an art class we were doing location drawing, all of us sitting on a wall, drawing without looking at the paper - so we sat there staring into the middle distance, scribbling, gave much amusement to the coach party which turned up right in front of us and gave us a good look!!!
Oh yes, just heard the 2011 Sketchbook Project has finished its tour... think mine was looked at once, or may be twice - so funny - but at least it was opened!  Would love to do it again, but too much to do for this year, so will see if it runs next year.
And now I must get on... need to make work for the ERTF shop, and other things.

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