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10 August 2011

Happy Dancing - It's a Yes!

Yes!!!! Wheeee, Happy Dancing, My piece has been selected for the ERTF Concepts & Meanings Exhibition. (so sorry keeping it secret for the Exhibition viewers to get first look).
I received the news but just thought, Oh OK. I think its because you live with something for so long, it was 8 months back that I had to give in my Intent form, and it was hovering within knowledge before that. And for me that's actually a long time for the one piece to be in mind. So its taken a little while before realisation that I've achieved something. I don't know and I'm not really interested in the who, how, why aspect of the decision making.  I gave it a go, it worked, (actually to my surprise - I was making plans of what to do with the rejected work) and that's enough.
I've tried one or two other selected events, where the wording is required too, before realising everyone else had their work professionally photographed, so this is realistically the first juried/selected exhibition where I've been able to feel on a level with everyone else.
I can't help but think back to one of the first things I put myself forward for, just after completing C&G studies. I was sooooo convinced I could comply with the criteria and I was going to immediately achieve greatness, I remember, honest this is truth, barely being able to make my legs move to take my application to the post box, so full of nerves. Of course I was naively confident, and devastated at the obvious mistake of the selectors not to choose me! These days I still travel hopefully, but far more realistically. I enter things and put myself through the angst, I guess because I need the challenge of trying, stretching myself, deadlines.  This piece is a totally new Concept for me (pun intended). I've made a piece which I've created a back story for, a whole imagined scenario. I've never done that before. Its not for the viewer to know, but it makes sense for me for the project. I liked the whole idea of this, and may do it again.   And... the big news is that the exhibition is in my home city, but already nerves wondering what my friends will think. That may be one of the bigger challenges with this project, trying to explain my art to friends I've known since I was 11.... who have proper jobs!!  (See the poster on the right)
PS Since writing the above earlier - I've had my Rochford Art Trail venue confirmed, so all systems go for that one as well. 


chocolatefrog said...

Congratulations! Fantastic to tackle something so different so successfully.

Miriam Weaver said...

Congratulations on both exhibitions, as they say 'you need to be in it to win it'

Gina said...

Congratulations Beverley.