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01 August 2011

Nature's Colours

At the weekend I attended a family gathering and met two new additions.  At one household I met a West Highland Terrier puppy, and at the other household I met... Drake.
He's a Bearded Dragon. here he is running about the carpet (that's a shaft of sunlight in the background).  When I first glanced I thought its just orangey brown, but actually the more you look the more colours he has.  And I became more and more fascinated by not only the colours, but the teeny scales.  The changes from one colour to another because of tiny scales - almost like pointilism.  As well as lots of different shades of brown/cream., there is a blush of pink, a soft pale peach, different shades of orange.  I'm told when he's an adult he gets a red/orange ring around the eyes.  I didn't pick him up to inspect closer, not being aware of how to handle him properly or whether any eye contact is threatening, and those eyes look in all directions!!!  It is a reminder to look closer to nature, in whatever form, because the colours are stunning, and nature really doesn't get things wrong. He is certainly more intriguing to study a colour family, than looking at colourwheels!  I must remember, another autumn project a tiny smidge of blush pink may make all the difference.
I hope to go to a Conference in November, where the theme is colour - I doubt we'll be looking at Bearded Dragons though!!! 

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