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29 September 2011

FOUR Exhibitions NOW ON!!!

Yes that's right... for FOUR days I will have work in FOUR different exhibitions. After the weekend it will reduce, and then I add on another, but come end of October will just have the one long term in place.
How on earth did I manage to do this. I'm almost baffled by it myself. Actually only One of the exhibitions did I apply for, was accepted and that's been in the diary for a few months. The six month display at Braintree Community Hospital. Yes, six months, another gobsmacking occurrence, and a big event for me. I put it up today.

Of course I didn't think this through in a thorough manner, or perhaps I just assumed otherwise. When I checked the boxes for dates to suit, I didn't take on board that it could, and indeed has, meant two Exhibitions going up in the same week - delivery of work 100 miles apart.
Exhibition Two, is of course the ERTF Concepts and Meanings in Norwich, which continues until 9th October. Of course I've known about this a long time, but final submission wasn't until July, way after One had been decided, and being selected, it wasn't a done deal at all... and I truly didn't expect to be chosen. So its on filling in the diary with details for this one that I suddenly panic over the close dates.  See
Number Three has been running a little while. Its one of these "it would be nice if". A quick invite/take up for Rochford Art Trail Taster Exhibition. As you can imagine now I'm starting to think what I can I put in this which isn't gong to be needed elsewhere.
Number Four, which finishes on Sunday, is the Primarily Colour Exhibition with The Material Girls. As I'm a new Member to the group, and only formally met them all in June, this wasn't on the agenda at all either. But I was asked if I could supply existing work on the theme to join in with them, so I have. See
Its needed a bit of thinking, editing, planning, not least with work away for six months, it also means the display methods will be tied up, and I do need my display easels etc for the Art Trail. Certainly a challenge. Above all I never expected this to happen in my art life, it could be a one off, who knows, and a few years back I would have talked myself out of just one opportunity, let alone saying yes to all of these. Sales would be nice, but hey we can't expect everything!! Its enough that I'm saying Yes to being out there and trying.
The old learning curve certainly shot up at a fierce angle for all of this.... can I sleep now please?

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chocolatefrog said...

Wow, what a month! I'm really impressed at all you've achieved. The hospital cabinets look great, well chosen pieces. Hang on in there, three down (or up!) one to go... phew.