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27 September 2011

And another thing....

So last night I decided I'd better make a List of what's to do this week. A list, is that me, getting old I need a list, and post-its on the puter, yes they are there, and the highlighter pen... and for seriously needing attention its the lime green post-its - really can't miss those.
I came up with 15 things to do this week, so OK number 15 was more "if all else fails eat chocolate" - but still.
Why so much... well some of the things are things I knew were coming up, just the other party involved now needs them sooner than I'd anticipated. Also in this art world of ours I do find a lot of "can you just..." - "it would be nice if..." and usually the task is small or manageable so the answer is "yes of course I can".  So why am I delaying and writing a blog post?  Well because it shows how suddenly things can turn and change in terms of art work, and also because there is a saying "that which gets recorded gets done".  I know only I will know if I do it, I could lie and pretend, but that's not me, also the process of writing it down helps to clarify what there is to do.
Actually its not the doing of I'm finding a challenge, I know if I work through steadily I can get it all done, its not overwhelmingly unmanageable. It is the fear though of missing something vital, or becoming so immersed I fail to see the obvious mistake, either written or what I've done wrong or not done at all. This is a problem when you are working alone, because you can't say to someone else, just skim your eyes over that, have I done everything I'm supposed to. Hence the highlighter pen, to show up every task to do, and another pen to cross them off! Actually a large tick with a flourish is very satisfying!!
I also find its not the doing, its the switching of the mind between one organisation and another. I have found that I have to finish one set of tasks, and then actually walk away from the worktable, get a cuppa, chill for a few minutes just to separate out what's what. Physically I can go straight from one pile of stuff to the next - brainwise its needs the separation, otherwise I find I start to mentally muddle everything up, thinking I've got to do X when it belong to another task. If its actual arty making then I can flit from one stitchy thing to another, but paperwork, admin, computer stuff, I'd rather deal with one thing start to finish before the next, even if that does mean sitting watching the puter whilst it does something.
Yesterday I received more paperwork with a "it would be nice if...." but at least that is giving warning about short notice, as in, the request proper might not happen until November.
I am actually enjoying the challenge of all of this... it is a new strand to my arty life to be so busy with a variety of tasks. (remind me I said that when I'm screaming)  I want to put a slideshow of Mini Art Works onto my website - not added one of those, so that might end up last on the list, think it might take the longest and might involve screaming!!
Good news ERTF Concepts & Meanings Exhibition OPENS TODAY - look at the blog for a tease of what's on offer. Hopefully more photos will appear at the event progresses.

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