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22 September 2011

Counting down.....

Tick, tick tick… that’s the clock and also my brain. Its countdown time to delivering my piece for the ERTF Concepts and Meanings Exhibition in Norwich, opening next week. My piece was finished for submission, but I keep looking at it, I added a label to it, rather proud of my efforts actually, how sad it that – but the label is integral to the piece, not just identification of me.
I’m also sorting out the pieces for the ERTF shop. I hesitated over showing you what I’m offering, as you know the actual exhibition piece has only been hinted at here – because I believe visitors should have first look (might add it here part way through event). But I have decided to show you my intended shop pieces, hopefully to:
a) remind to take money with you, lots of opportunities to buy. Exhibition pieces will be for sale – but also in the ERTF shop, an opportunity to get small pieces of affordable art from the Members, also goodies to use in your own creativity.
b) the ERTF needs the sales, commission from the sales helps with funding for the organisation.
c) I NEED the sales, ha ha. Nice to sell something but as well as money received, its also very nice to know that others like what you make, a validation that you are getting something right.
So come along, I’m sure you will find items to suit every budget – early Christmas present buying, and the ERTF Members will be stewarding, so you can chat to the people involved with the Exhibition. I will be there on Monday 3rd October.

And still tick, tick, tick, as I’ve another exhibition to put up next week….
Plus tick, tick tick. The Material Girls need the hanging finished by our October meeting.
Another plus, tick, tick tick. Rochford Art Trail to make a postcard for and to prep for display.

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chocolatefrog said...

Tantalising glimpse... wish I could see in person. So much all at once but you're nearly there,keep calm and carry on!