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14 September 2011

Fresh Air to Recharge the Soul

Well the madness of last posting continued for a while... the contract I received wasn't right so that had to be checked up on. The car eventually went off on another day, sigh. One or two other little tasks needing to be done for other things when you think its all finished, like him indoors saying your cheque hasn't been cashed from months ago. Huh, no-one has queried it, so that's added into the mix of sort out. Another quick email textile task and the email bounced back, arghhhh, thankfully must have been something in the ether cos it went through OK later. See I'm just convinced September is trying to be awkward. I do feel like some old hag, having to keep track of my life with highlighter pens - actually I think I need staff!
So since last week I've bought more staging to present my work on - the hospital project work is committed for six months, so that also means the presentation equipment is tied up. So lots of research on that, because although I have a record of when I bought the last lot, my notebook doesn't actually say who from!!! (or is it from whom?) Also attended local EG Branch AGM - I'm still the IT Rep!! Went to the monthly meeting of The Material Girls yesterday. Lots of things moving forward with that, and I managed to do the required paper tasks for that one.
Today I went off for a textile exhibition visit. As always time sucks away and its, go today or tomorrow or miss it. The venue was a the RHS Hyde Hall Gardens. Right on the top of a hill, I choose the golf buggy to transport me up and down - great fun.

I just love and spend ages just sitting and looking, its so peaceful. The exhibition itself was by the Chelmsford 93 Textile Group. I started at College in '92 having to do a Foundation Year, so this group was a little ahead of me, as I started City & Guilds properly in '93. So I have known many of the Members for all this time, some are also in other Groups so our paths cross frequently. And indeed today by chance I met some of them and had a lovely chat. The work was really lovely, small woven pieces as in 3" sq to large quilts, silk painting, to machine embroidery. There is something about 'embroidery' and flowers/gardens - they seem to go together. Of course I come home full of ideas... but none of them bearing any relation to what I've actually got to get on and do. But... as you've seen my efforts at textile flowers on this blog, you can rest assured the natural world has nothing to fear from me.

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