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07 September 2011

Mad, Mad, Mad

What's happened?  A new month and utter madness has erupted!!!  I always knew September/mid October was going to be a trial for me, which is why I had to draw up a timetable to work out what and where and when and who, and custody of the car etc.  The latter irritating, because it should be serviced today, not turned up for it, several phone calls later and can't collect it today, will try again Friday.  Argghhhh.  I had today all planned out and by 9.30am its all awry - only thing to do, put the kettle on!
I can't believe what's come into my inbox in the last 36 hours or so.
As the EG IT Rep I've had to send out things for that, relatively easy, except the puter kept deciding to add in extra addresses to the Group listing, duh - why do I want to send things to an ancestry email.
I've also things to do as the ERTF Web Manager - again not onerous, just switch brain from one organisation to another, and making sure I don't muddle the two!!!
Material Girls also have some paperwork tasks to be completed, asap.
And the Contract has arrived for my exhibition at Braintree Hospital.  So I need to read that, look at what's required for that.
I've to label up my pieces for the Rochford Art Trail Taster Exhibition, and deliver those tomorrow - I know a 5 minute task which will turn into some stupidly long time.
Oh and I must find an idea for the Art Trail postcard I need to make...
See before all of this happened, with no car, the plan was to quietly get on finish my things for the ERTF Shop, make my small postcard for RAT, literally clear the table, and then have a fresh start tomorrow on the bigger stuff.  Now, I need to look at emails, get out the post-it notes and a highlighter pen, to make sure I don't miss something amongst all this information. If the cat could make me lunch, that would be a good idea, heck if it could make lunch it ought to do the ironing as well....
If all else fails.... there's always chocolate.... and cake....  may be chocolate cake???

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Gina said...

It's always the little admin things that should only take a minute that suddenly seem to fill the day. Sometimes it's actually a relief to have a day out teaching.