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29 October 2011

A Whine, Books and some Fun

Last chance to see ROCHFORD ART TRAIL - charity postcards still available - lots of lovely artwork throughout the town.
And now for a rant......  I went to visit one location yesterday to arrive just as art was being whisked out of the door.  I'm sorry but this makes me angry.  The Terms and Conditions clearly state how long the work has to be in place for - we all have to sign these - it IS a Contract.  So why do some think its OK not to comply?  Sure it might be more convenient to take down on this day rather than that - but TOUGH.  When you apply this information is known, its not a sudden thing - and if you don't want to follow what's on the schedule then don't apply - simple.  And on the off chance it was asked/agreed that work be removed earlier - then why not have a sign to apologise and say so.  Does make me mad when the Trail is quite new and its to help the town, the businesses, the artists, the community - hardly of the right spirit.... right growling over.

Finally I made it to the cheapy shop we have out of town, similar to a pound shop but more expensive - sells all sorts of junk must have items and I went to get next year's desk diary - huge expense of £1.  Sounds posh that we have a desk diary, but over the years its been invaluable.  Having only one car, its important to put down who is where and when, and I also write in all the post we get, that sounds particularly sad... but proving when something arrived has been invaluable in the past.  Anyway enough domestic - I stood there looking and decided to also buy a small A6 page a day diary for my textile life!!!  Again the grand outlet of £1.  I have never ever had a diary for my textile life alone.  Seems a bit pretentious - but just this week Chris from Material Girls has sent us the schedule for next year - lots on.  As you will have seen in previous postings, Sept/Oct has been mad for me and I had to draw up a timetable, which inc who needed the car when!   I do keep a monthly schedule pinned up, can't miss it.  That's easy to do because my ISP provides a calendar so I just print it off.  Its not quite a to do list, but I do flag up what's on the horizon as weekly or sometimes even couple of days, reminders.  Anyway I know I have things to put in my new textile diary as far away as next September.
Oh, and sneaking into view under the scissors above is a book cover I made yesterday.  Not that brilliantly as I didn't measure or pin it, or even clear enough space on the table to work properly, but it was a case of I MUST do this now, and I MUST not stop until its finished - otherwise I will struggle.  Its made in response to a challenge, to be shown off to the others on Tuesday.  And actually its been nice to do.  As in yes I have "proper" work to do and deadlines, but this has refreshed things, a bit of fun and helps recharge for the next phase.  And its also good to feel  the challenge was set and I've achieved it.

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dianehobbit said...

I have a desk diary, a calendar in the kitchen and a pocket diary for my hand bag. I am also trying to go electronic and put things on my iPad. Must make sure I hit all deadlines next year.