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02 November 2011

Splash of Pink

This is a photo of the book cover I made last week.  Sorry if it looks grainy - problems with the operator of the camera (ie moi).  The very bright pink is something like a vilene, or tissue paper - and we each were given a piece and someone said... why don't we make something with it by next meeting.  Hence the above, and it being done at speed, and not measured etc properly.  Anyway two of us were good girls and did the task.....
I removed my work from Rochford Art Trail on Monday... and they said "see you next year" - remains to be seen of course if I would get allocated there again - but I'm very happy with it all, now worked out how to manage putting work into glass cubes, and they are glass, not acrylic!!!
Remember I said there's always the "can you just" - and I'd had some pre-warning of that - well last week the proper request came through, so I've to consider what I can do for that within a couple of weeks.
I am making my hanging for the Material Girls exhibition - just painted gesso on calico.
Paperwork and admin wise I've still stuff to do - preparing a questionnaire with someone, researching another idea (must learn to keep mouth shut!) and likely having a meeting soon about managing/changing a group's website.
I've a commission to make - and possibly have another sale of a piece made a while back.  So why am I sitting here blogging - I ought to be getting on with it all now, whilst the light is good.  Still not found a daylight bulb for my sewing machine - manufacturers please note - huge market place for these I'm sure, don't just make for selected machines, we all want them!!!
And Saturday - off to Hertfordshire, to the ERTF Conference on Colour.


Miriam Weaver said...

See you at the conference, an early start for that I think! Love the pink, isn't the grainy look caused by the fabric?

dianehobbit said...

I love the book, well done for completing the challenge.