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28 December 2011

Personal Post

I don't really like personal posts on my blog - because I feel everyone has enough issues of their own without reading about mine!!
However, my Mother died on 27th December, not something expected or on the radar a week ago.  Unfortunately this is not the first family bereavement at holiday time, and we have other family members who are no longer here who have birthdays at or around Christmas.
So, I am now moving into a new life phase - and somehow it seems appropriate with the New Year around the corner.  My brother and I now become the senior family at least on my Mother's side.  My husband's niece has moved in with her boyfriend, so its all life moving on, the next generation on exciting ventures, the cycle continues.
Throughout my whole life my stitching has sustained me.  It may get put aside at times, but it has always been the one constant, since... forever.  So I have no reason to abandon my plans already in hand, just they may need adjustment to achieve, as long as the brain fog is kept in order, things will work out OK.

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Gina said...

So sorry to read your sad news Beverley. Not good at any time of year but especially now. Sending condolences and hugs.