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21 December 2011

Tis the Season....(for plans to change)

Well, not a lot is happening on the art front... and I had such plans this week, as I've done all my Xmas things.  That's not me being super efficient, its more we live away from family so things have to be delivered. Each day this week I was going to do something... well here we are at Wednesday, and not begun, and doesn't look like it will at all.
More paperwork for our Canadian element of the Material Girls Bridging Waters Exhibition, tick.  Also received an Art Trail application form, so need to note deadline in the 2012 diary!!!
Saw the ERTF Essex ladies on Friday and had a good time.
The laptop went to be checked, and it will cost too much to repair... but lovely people that they are, waived the fee to look at it.  The shop is a little independent, and has a big (about 6') metal man/robot standing outside - he, cos I'm sure its a he, is dressed for Xmas, with his hat, waistcoat and a tie.  Not really sure about 'him' because in the summer he had a sun hat, pink scarf and a handbag!
About 4 miles away we have a cycle shop which did have two mannequins outside, but obviously there's been a divorce cos only the lady is there now - in her high vis police jacket!!!
And now I'm off to make Lists.....
Personal family issue has arisen, which at the moment means everything is hovering.  I'm guessing I'm spending Xmas 100 miles away, and himself gets to stay at home with the cat and share the Xmas dinner!!  Its not my decision to make, just got to await advice of others.
Wishing Everyone a Happy Christmas


Miriam Weaver said...

Oh No Beverley that not good! I'll email you.

dianehobbit said...

Thinking of you!