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11 January 2012

Forthcoming Exhibition

Make a Note - this is the first of many Exciting Exhibitions to come this year with The Material Girls. As you can see its a collaborative project between The Material Girls here in the UK and Articulation in Canada.
I am still working on a piece for the Exhibition, not saying what it is, but it will be colourful and has involved a huge amount of scissor wielding!!
I expect there will be a flurry of activity soon in terms of opportunities dropping through the ether.  Another reason for keeping my little year book, you get to see the timings of when people send out information, how far in advance etc.
It is my intention to take each opportunity I come across and assess it on its merits, and more importantly me on my timescale, and ability to fully embrace, as things have radically changed, at least for a few months.  It will all even out in the end, just might be a bit full on at times.
But 2012, you've lots to view in Essex from The Material Girls. so do come along and see us.

1 comment:

Su said...

Sounds very interesting, and I'm nearly in Essex!