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25 January 2012


I would love this posting to have something pretty on it.... but alas nothing to show to you.

I might finally be getting some time back for creating, and yes, today at our EG meeting I did take out a needle, whoah, almost needed a lesson it what it was used for!.

I have been spending money... renewed my subs via the EG for Embroidery magazine.  I've been taking it since 1992, sometimes there are issues not so good, but I can't for the moment imagine not having it.  I also decided to renew my sub for Quilting Arts.  Hesitant, but also feeling the need to keep something going, and I get it via digital sub, so not so much money.  I've decided not to renew the sister magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors, although I've had that since Issue 1.   I went online to discover that the last issue of The Bonefolder has just been issued.  Its a free online magazine for the book arts.  So downloaded that to complete my collection.  Alas bit disappointed with my other book arts magazine.  Dogeared  it stopped publication a while back, but with the promise that all subs would be honoured.  Well I am still owed FOUR magazines.  As I wrote recently discovered that another issue has been published, available as an e-mag.  Well I've done as requested, sent in my info to get my copy..... nothing.  Chased it up via another direction...... nothing.  I won't quite write this off, dealing with the wrong person, if I'm owed something I won't let go without a big fight, and I've barely started on this one.  Someone hold my coat!!!
Oh oh oh, we have a new laptop, hooray.  Went into that well known, usually out of town computer shop, to buy, from the usual 12 year old staff member.  Him indoors asked about a particular model and got the ever helpful duh response!!  Well what about this one, sorry can't sell you that one.... oh OK then in the words of Pretty Woman, 'big mistake, huge' - no sale for you then.  4pm ordered a laptop online from a large none electrical store - next day arrived 1.30pm and via FREE delivery!  Obviously in these dire financial times, some people want your money!!!

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Miriam Weaver said...

You go girl, don't let them get away with not honouring their promise. I bet you wished you had your needle with you when you were in the shop trying to buy the laptop!