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29 March 2012

Tick, Another Exhibition Finished

Well that's that... took my work down today from its six months display in Braintree Hospital. No contact from anyone, but then its not really the sort of place you'd expect to generate huge sales. I did it because it was on offer, free, it was a new concept for me to try and.... ta dah, scheduling work away for 6 months. The good thing I turned up and found everything still as I had left it, nothing had fallen over in the cabinets. So that's a good thing, proves I can do it. After that came home via Hobbycraft, met with a friend. Don't faint, I didn't buy anything creative at all. I thought it looked to have gone downhill a bit... given that I usually manage to come out having bought things I really don't need!!! But a hot chocolate and cake with a friend is worth a trip out. I really must get on with art work, keep saying it, but keep getting swamped with other stuff - and finding it hard to make the mental switch between it all. Actually, I need staff... not least one in charge of the tea!!!

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