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22 March 2012

Organised Chaos

Honest this is organised - I put things together in piles, ready to go away a couple of days ago.  I've been doing family stuff so that's as far as it got.  And as I have a car full of stuff to unload and sort, doesn't look like this will be dealt with today.  At the moment I'm ignoring the car, had enough lifting and shifting, hoping magic fairy might have done for me instead..... not likely.
In anticipation of actually creating, I bought in new supplies of 404 spray - found somewhere on the internet where I could get 2 plus p&p for a couple of pounds more than most people quote for 1.  Also bought some more Textile Tape made by Glue Dots.  Its incredibly sticky (welds itself to scissors - thanks to my friend Chris who bought me a set of non stick scissors) and works realy well.  I'm afraid I am probably a very bad textile person, because I don't lace my work when I mount it.  For some reason I can never get it straight - I was once severely criticised because a piece looked OK, it actually measured exact from the art work to the edges, but the grain line of the fabric went up and down like a roller coaster.  And I always manage to do that when I lace work. I just find that I can mount work much quicker, easier, and more accurately by taping, so sorry, but I'm sticking (ha) with it - and at least I always buy things for the purpose, this is acid free - I also buy acid free 'ordinary' double sided tape and don't have any glue stains seeping through.
On the windowsill  in the box tied up with pink string - is my pink project for the Embroiderers' Guild Art Trail display, its waiting for "what to do with it next" to strike.
The black and white is a play and an idea for something....  The lime green notebook is for Material Girls - see even I can spot which I've hidden it, being that colour.  The bronze notebook is actual art work for Material Girls - which is different from the black notebook for my personal stuff.
Right what next - car emptying, table sorting, or.... mouse hunting.  My furry friend for the first time in the many years we've had him, not only caught a beastie, but brought a mouse indoors and dropped it and its run off.  I didn't see said critter, husband's fault, he yelled, cat let go.  As you can see I've stuff everywhere as it is, without heaving out more stuff to find it.  I can see it now, taking things to the charity shop complete with wildlife.  There's always something extra isn't there, when you think you've waded throught the tasks.


Miriam Weaver said...

Gosh your table is really very tidy, I'd be too ashamed to even take a photo of mine! I have a little doggy here who would probably love to come and help you find your mouse. On second thought she'd no doubt destroy the rest of you house in the process, so we'll leave you in peace to hunt it out yourself.

dianehobbit said...

Tried to leave a comment from my iPhone whilst on holiday, but with no luck. Love the use of the Textile tape and need some non stick scissors. Thanks for the tips!