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14 March 2012


Sometimes you turn around and its all happening.  Paperwork flodding in, well if 2/3 things can constitute a flood!!
I've been accepted into the Burnham Art Trail again - very pleased with that.  The website is in preparation of updating for this year's Trail so do keep checking.  I am back at a venue I've had before - Burnham Osteopathic Clinic which is on Station Road.
Next came the application forms and information for Rochford Art Trail.... got a little while to go before submitting for that, but as we know time soon evaporates.

The Material Girls and our next event: Textiles on the Hill.    The Material Girls are organising and hosting this weekend event.  It promises to have lots to enjoy.  An opportunity to see the international collaboration between Articulation and The Material Girls  with our joint exhibition: Articulated Materials - Bridging Waters.  Alongside that we have invited guest textile artists to demonstrate their skills, will offer artwork for sale, textile art supplies from Craft Arena... and if that's not enough there will be tea/coffee and cake!!!
Yesterday was our meeting day, lots to discuss, but this event is now taking shape.  I am going to do a demonstration for the event - first up - 11am/12noon on Saturday 26th May - I will be showing bookbinding techniques.
And if that isn't enough to discuss - we also got the project brief for 2014, big gulp!!!  Talk about head spin.  However, this is how I've found textile life to be - madness with everything pouring in all at once, followed by quiet periods when you can get down to doing.  This is why my best friends are now highlighter pens and post-it notes!!
So today its fill in the diary... and work my way through some paper tasks, good job at the weekend I managed to find space on my table!

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