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12 July 2012


I'm tired..... permanent afliction these days.  But today I want to be creative but almost don't trust myself not to stitch something in the wrong place, so I've just had a wander round my computer photos.  I take photos of virtualy everything I make, sometimes the photo is all that I have left.  I've got all this information here and not taking time out to look again, see it again, realise connections etc.
I made this ages ago, and it doesn't actually exist any more as I chopped it up and used it in part elsewhere.  Its simply pieces of paper on another, bit of rubber stamping and lines of stitching in multiple colours.  I have others of this ilk.
This has changed, as it now has handstitching on it - but actually after all the grids, I rather liked the back of it too.
This is part of Heart Mosaic, and this time its torn paper shapes with the overlaid stitching.  Again this is a couple of years or more ago.
Anyway, in the last week or so, I've been reading of someone else's work laying down blocks of coloured fabrics and then 'ignoring' them and stitching all over as the mood strikes.  Even advised stitching from the back so as not to be distracted by the blocks of colour.  Wonderful, must try that, sounds like a brilliant idea.   Errrrrrr already been there and done that one, here's the evidence.  But why can't you recognise that you have these or similar samples in your own history, it always sounds so enticing to read it of others.  I once spent a whole morning at a workshop doing the task before the lightbulb went on and I realised, already done lots of this.  How daft - but in my defence the tutor called it by her own name for it and it just didn't click it was the same thing.  I have thought lots of times of writing out a list of all the techniques and bits I've tried.  I think about it, but how would I categorise stuff, it inter mingles.  Here I have the evidence, would I even look, if I had the list - quite clearly I've not been looking at photos of my own stuff and realising what's what, as it is.
I thought I ought to compile one sketchbook with all my cut/stitch/cut/stitch paper techniques - as it is they are dotted about in various books.  But almost is there any purpose to this, do I need it for me, if I did it who would want it after me?  Mhmmm, perhaps time would be better spent eating chocolate!!!

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