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06 July 2012

Lighted Sequin Waste

Today was one of those moments in life... the kind where its should I bother, should I not, never get to see it again.
Anyway himself more or less said 'we' were going along, at least I don't remember being asked.  Stood in the drizzle, listened to the children cheer every car which passed by, the police outriders with hands outstretched to move the crowds back, who got High Fives instead!
And the title.... when I first saw the torch design, I thought who paid for and commissioned that?  It looks just like rolled up sequin waste - us textile people can all spot that one.
So apart from this blog, I'd better write it all up in Dear Diary - you never know someone in the future may actually read and wonder what it was like to be there.....

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