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03 July 2012

Behind the round window?

So you have anything and everything available in terms of design sources...but what to choose?  I keep taking photos of these
Doors and windows, I've loads of them now, when himself is out and about there's the "don't forget if you see any nice doors....."  It is developing a bit, as a few of these are also creeping into the collection.
Nice battered gates and fancy chimneys, and then there's the bricks with lichen, sigh.   But so far I've done little with this design source.  Difficult when you are attracted to things which are 'real' but the art you make is abstract.  I'm thinking for events for 2013, perhaps I should use the material I've already got, stop collecting, stop dithering and start doing, cough, a series. Ha, funny, series?  I always see my work as inter related, as one thing always seems to feed into another.  But visually I don't think others would get those connections.  So in terms of a 'set of' - 'collection' - 'series' I've actually done very little, see part of the trouble is I've soon had enough of those colours or that idea or technique, quickly itching to do something which is totally out of keeping with the idea I'm working on. I also enjoyed the conceptual piece I made - totally made up back story for it all, quite detailed, which only I know. And all the pieces made from my imagination.  May be that's the answer, look through the window, step through the door and see where it takes me......


dianehobbit said...

Showing your age with the title. Great photos!

Beverley said...

Diane, unfortunately its worse than you think... I was too old for Playschool!