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01 July 2012


Serendipity - lovely rolling word to say - also known as "whoah spooky muzak time".   Or, perhaps its, there's a message here, are you listening?
I was busying making a paper stitch piece, similar idea to previous but a variation I've only produced in test form (I have already in my head up-cycling versions of this - mhmm like that, upcycling).  Anyways after making, flicking through emails and I have an e-newsleter, literally read one sentence and I thought, hang on, what a brilliant, and yet obvious idea that is.   Then I went to visit an art event, with multiple genres, and saw something else which clicked.  Suddenly I realised, if the piece I made I'd stopped at step 1, I would have had the basis for the technique from the e-newsletter, to make my stitch variation of what I'd seen in the flesh demonstrated.  I'm not going to say what, because I've not played yet, so it could well be a disaster, plus, with this input of information from various sources, its not wholly mine, and I'd hate to be seen as stealing ideas from elsewhere, and yet they were all here already in part, done in part and not so obviously connected, hence my need to record, before the thoughts dissolve and I can't remember this brilliant idea I had!
(Personal life hit another serious glitch last week, which means the peace and relief I was hoping finally to come is now likely to be delayed a while longer.  Sigh.  I think in reality its just one of the life zones you hit where things are likely to happen.  Some days I don't want to be a big growed up person!)
PS  Realised, whilst at the art event I gave someone an idea for use of something she was making, in a method she'd never tried before, saw her eyes light up. So, that's a bit what goes around comes around, took something away for myself and gave something back.

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