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27 June 2012

Questions, Answers and Buttons

Well, as we all know I am an absolute expert on anything.... so yesterday doing my stewarding at the museum I was asked challenging questions:  'What's the difference between an Artist and a Fine Artist?   errrrm pretentious label.  'Could you tell me where this place is depicted in this painting?'    errrrm, it was a Gaelic title, so I had no idea Scottish/Irish Gaelic.  See I should have an i-phone thingy do dah and I'd have been able to wizz out the answer.  And the killer question "Do you remember when the goat farm was?"  At least the dog which came in didn't have questions, just asked for a fuss in exchange for paw giving!  Yep, stewarding events is certainly a very interesting way to spend an afternoon.
I was working on some stitch nonsense freeform, stitch where/what you like artistic creation.  It also included adding buttons.  I have a bit of an obsession with white shirt buttons - that shirt can't go to charity I need to cut off the buttons.  Anyway amongst my 'materials lead' artistic endeavour, I sat and coloured some said buttons.  I have alcohol inks, in felt pen form, and they turned the buttons into more gorgeousness - surprisingly no-one questioned what I was doing, so its obviously quite normal to paint buttons in a museum!


Diane Kelsey said...

Collect shirt buttons too, never coloured them though!

Su said...

I didn't know it was possible to colour buttons! Must get some alcohol inks and have a go.
I think that it's possible to get away with doing 'odd'things in places providing you look as though you're totally confident and comfortable doing them - which you obviously were!