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17 August 2012


Sigh, irritation, or as we used to say when I was a teen - "I'm aggranoyed" - meaning a cross between annoyed and aggravated!
I've ended up in one of those situations where kinda everyone steps back and I'm at the front, with tasks I didn't expect or ask for.  All I can say is its a good job I don't have a webcam, and even better not a microphone!
So I left my table like this, about three days ago...

The work space a bare minimum, its been covered up with folders and papers since, but they are back in other piles.
This stuff needs a home, the bag at the end hasn't been looked in and emptied since Tuesday.... the sofa is covered in papers and stuff from him indoors sort out of filing (not).
I do find it irritating though, when talk about Why something is hard,difficult, time consuming to do, if you actually just got on and did it, its sorted quicker than the 501 reasons why not.  Anyways after being sidetracked and consumed elsewhere I have done as much as I can.  So, she says with hope as she has been saying for the last 2-3 days, I can get back to where I was, and actually do something nice!
All the threads on the table actually went onto these (partials), needs a bit more tweaking and then done.  I'm hoping there will be an old film on the tv this afternoon and I can just do nothing but nice stuff and feel I've actually got somewhere this week.  Ssssh don't say it too loud.

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chocolatefrog said...

These look amazing! A nice way to end the week, remind you what it's all about.