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01 August 2012

Next Year Already!

It's AUGUST and its a lovely hot sunny day dull grey drizzling day.  So of course its absolutely the right time to go out and buy one of these:
Small A6 page a day for my arty life.  I remember from last year buying mid-August that the local Factory Shop (like a pound shop but more expensive!) got their diaries early.  So thought I'd give it a go... and what's more I'm not the only one looking.  This little delight cost me the huge sum of £1.49.  Not a pink person, but its bright and foiled which means when it gets swallowed by the rubbish serious art work on my table, ought to be able to see the wretched thing.  I have textile things for 2013, and even some for 2014, makes me sound very busy, out there, doing - but the reality is venues and events have to be booked so far in advance to get them, that dates are known a long time ahead.  Exhibitions tend to be booked at least a couple of years ahead, so in our arty world its not that unusual to plan - course it helps if you have the diary!!!   Already I know that there is all or nothing, as in the usual everything within a couple of days and then nothing else for months, sigh.
I've got nothing nice and arty to show you, bit sad about that.  But I seem to have spent past few days consumed by paperwork, dealing with tasks I've been allocated, finding, as always once you reply, something else gets added in.  Then there was wear another hat and answer these queries.  I'm off out on Friday, hope to see some textile art, will let you know, if I get there, its all been a bit vague as to what's on offer.  May also get a new toy on Friday - camera.  My point and shoot live in my handbag has lost the glass over the lens.  Not looking forward to the shop experience, no I don't want to eliminate red eye, no I don't want to do 30 second videos, madam wants close-ups of stitches, and drain covers, rusty wire, peeling paint, Nooooo people, get it!
Isn't it just yumacious!!!  Why on earth wouldn't you want more pics like this?


dianehobbit said...

Bought a filofax a couple of month ago with an 18 month diary. If you don't record these dates you forget them and double book yourself.

Miriam Weaver said...

I put all my dates on my smart phone then back it up on the computer, it hasn't let me down yet........
Love the peeling paint, why do people not get it?

Beverley said...

I'm a bit diary mad - something comforting about physically writing in a book. I have a Filofax too, and use the puter calendar, printing off monthly charts, which I pin up. I have a new i-Pad whch I'm trying to work out how to use!