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06 August 2012

Stitches and Pictures

Friday I went on a 200 mile round trip, to see "Finest Stitches" which is an exhibition of pieces from the Embroiderers' Guild collection.
Somewhat of a surprise to find 75 pieces available to look at.
Leek Embroidery
This piece may be recognised, certainly was by me, as its been included in many books over the years.  The lines across the photo are because it was in a glass table cabinet and got the reflection of the overhead lights.
Actually saw many pieces by 'names' as well as pieces where the stitcher is not known.  Wide variety of items from babies clothing, tiny shoes, hats, to samples, panels and cultural pieces.
Alongside there was an exhibition of City and Guilds coursework.  It looked very impressive, but I did smile to myself.  Overheard a couple of students talking, mentioning their tutor was pushing for them to "step outside your comfort zone" - see nothing much changes.  Guess we've all heard those words whilst studying.

We then went off to the camera warehouse place... and bought me a new camera a Fuji Finepix, 16 megapixel, 20 times optical zoom, makes tea, hoovers the house, you know the sort.  Well it does have GPS.... not sure I actually need to know the place where I am taking the photo, after all, I am standing there!  And the advice on my old camera "not worth bothering" to replace the glass on the front.  Sigh.
I'm not really brand loyal, but actually am quite pleased that I've got this camera, because I already own a Fuji Finepix bridge camera, and I'm forever forgetting which settings to put it on for what.  So hopefully now with two the same, using the same words for things I won't be getting myself muddled.  Oh and the most important thing, the new camera is white.....first time I've ever had a coloured camera, wonder if it will improve the usage!

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dianehobbit said...

I would have liked to have visited the exhibition, but felt it was just too far, especially as I had been to Regional Day and Belsey Bridge last month. Glad you enjoyed it.