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08 August 2012

Shopping, Stitching and Stash!

More shopping for these...
Yes I have a Filofax darhlinks, looking for windows so that we can interface.....  actually very big gulp never bought the next year's diary for this so early and.... need a lay down, bought a 2014 year planner too!!!  Came over all unnecessary!
Yesterday I was at my little stitchy group, I took this along.
Not sure I actually like it, might get scrapped, something not quite right about it, lacking oomph I think, It is me, but not quite... my colours, my paper cut/stitch/cut with a variation.... it's just.......
So I went deliberately not taking much, only two threads, that way, its get on and do and stop faffing.  Nice surprise though, come home with this little lot.
The peach stuff is like a folded paper ribbon, there are thin strip of wood, a bundle of clear straws (yummy, always stealing acquiring those in cafes).  There's some gold wiggly wire.  And the metal stick thingy do dahs.  I believe their original purpose is as hangers for pennants, you know when you meet and greet as a team and exchange mini flags. They are 18cms long tip to tip.
The person who gave them to me is having a sort out... brought a few things and its amusing when something comes out of a bag and there's "I thought this was your thing" as its handed over.  Now, I did decide having dealt with my mother's things, that if a bag of stuff came into the house, then a bag of something had to leave.....  does it count that I gave away a big food mixer with zillions of attachments last week?  Priorities in this house, dust covered food mixer versus clear plastic straws, no contest!

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