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19 October 2012

Passion for Purple

I'm in need of a bit of sparkle - are you?  I finished this little piece yesterday, here's a close up detail.
Changing my avatar is long over due, so I thought I'd use this.  Stitching on paper, with beads and mixed media.  I think the close up looks really good.  Of course, as always it just has to be purple. Do people get set in their ways from childhood - purple has always been my fave colour, all shades of.

Whoah spooky muzak time.  Researching something last week I found out that the days of the week are associated with colours.  So today I've just searched the day I was born, never known this, a Thursday, and guess what the colour is for Thursday - yep Purple!  So let's test it, found an online quiz to find the colour of your soul, oh dear, its Violet.
I might have to lay down before I come over all unnecessary....
Nothing for it then, just have to buy more and more threads, beads, paints in purple, after all, would be rude not to!

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