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26 October 2012

Rochford Art Trail

Rochford Art Trail OPENS SATURDAY.
As I've said, I'm in the opticians again, my third year at this venue.  Very nice people always welcoming and friendly.
I set up my work yesterday afternoon,  the staff oohed and aaahed, there were people already stopping to look, and one of the staff leapt outside with a leaflet and one of my business cards, to give details to the person looking!  I was quite touched.
Although this is ny third time at the same venue, new things arise.  My display is in glass, and I mean glass, boxes which are suspended on wires floor to ceiling.  The first year I had to manipulate things to get in,  as the only open side is against the wall.  Last year someone showed me how to open the the other side panel to gain access.  This year I have lime green paper on the bottom shelves, part of their own set dressing, which has stayed in place.
Here are photos of my display.
Do come along to the Trail, this Saturday there is an Arts & Crafts Market in the WI Hall, which is in the Square.  Download the Trail Map, here.
Also importantly there are postcards for sale in aid of charity.  Miniature pieces of art made by Trail Artists - not me this year, not that I didn't want to contribute, but it was one 'can you just' too many this year.

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Miriam Weaver said...

Your work looks very eye catching in those display cases. Sorry about the punn but I couldn't help myself.