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28 October 2012

Coming Unstuck

So UKers did you put the clocks back last night.... me I put my bedside clock forward before going to sleep.  Got a in right muddle this morning with knowing what the real tme should be. No need to worry cos the cat alarm goes off, marches upstairs to scream
Fe e d   m e   n o w.
Yesterday I had to do some running repairs on a piece of my work up in the Art Trail, tsk.  Been standing upright for over a week, and its in the venue for a day and slips.
You better read the next bit peeping through fingers over eyes...  I commit the sin of using sticky tape on my textiles, (make she be struck down for uttering the word).  I am useless at lacing work, never get it straight, and was once heavily verbally attacked by a tutor for a piece of work, where the warp/weft of the fabric was not absolutley 100% parallel to the mount.  Believe me it measured exact all the way along, just it had a very slight and I mean slight undulation, in the thread on the base fabric..  A lesson never to be forgotten.  So I use doubled sided tape, find it easier to make the adjustment to get it spot on.
However, I'm not sooo sinful... I've always used tape for artworks, acid free, and I've never ever had trouble with glue seeping through even on pieces now over 10 years old.  Of late absolutely loved Glue Dots, Double Sided Textile Tape.
But what on earth has happened to it, now I've got work which is just not stitcking.  It used to be a proper solid tape, now it looks like this:
and I've two reels of it, so not as if I got a dodgy one. (cough unless its a dodgy two!)  Wonder if anyone else has noticed and had trouble, but it looks like this faithful customer will have to go elsewhere as the product has let me down.  First time I've ever had work on show which needed repair....

Enough of me and my moans - I think you should pop along to my friend Anne's blog.  She does the most beautiful work, is in need of a boost a the moment and would like lots more Followers and.... she has a beautiful giveaway.


Diane Kelsey said...

I was just about to ask your where you bought the tape, maybe I wont now. Hope you are OK. x

Beverley said...

Diane, you can get tape from Denise, think Hobbycraft and online.