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31 October 2012

Networking/Interfacing.... Whatever!

Well I've ventured forth into the world of social networking!  I am now on Facebook.  On a personal level things have moved and changed with many family members this year, and I fear being on the outer edges if I don't actively make efforts.  But I still intend to use it as I do this blog, 99% of it about my arty stuff, not about whether I liked what I ate for dinner last night.  But so far its so not what I like, hate these multiple columns of info, I like things neat and crisp.   Blogs are always back to front for me, cos I like latest news at the bottom, not the top.  Hate trying to read multiple postings and its constant scrolling up and down, its not how I read a book!!  Even after having this blog for some time, its still seems twisted to me.
I have been on Linked In for some considerable time though.  But I doubt I will get very far with that, especially as I keep referring to it as Lindi Kin!  (Have a complete mind blank about the right name) So the likes of Twitter and Pinterest can relax, nothing much to fear from me.

Today I went out to the EG, for our usual stitchy meeting.  I took this little bit of fun along with me.  Its a piece started in an afternoon EG meeting, where we had loads of supplies and were told to go and play, stitch as you felt like, don't design, just do.
Its bits and pieces stitched onto a heavy watercolour paper.  Around the room we had cross stitch, knitting, goldwork, more considered free embroidery and paper bead making.  We are a noisy bunch, and there's a lot of laughing, joking, teasing, impossible (for me) to concentrate on anything of detail and precious!!  Such a contrast to our friends down the corridor working on paintings, they concentrate so much their room is virtually silent!   Although both groups are entirely separate, because we are both doing arty things, we often pop into each other's room to share what is being created.
I think this piece might sit around a little longer, decide if it needs anything else on it, or not - red beads keep springing to mind.  But I must get down to some considered art pieces.


chocolatefrog said...

The seeding directly on the paper is gorgeous - more, more!

Miriam Weaver said...

I love the piece of work, love the colour combination!

Diane Kelsey said...

How nice to have two creative groups working at the same time. Lots if people moving onto twitter as not happy with Facebook.