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07 November 2012

Linking Up

Well they did warn me that Facebook is the great time waster.... well I've not fallen into that hole so much, but I have found another one!!!  Had a happy time playing and updating adding clickable logos to my blog and website.
So over on the righthand side you will find these little gems.  But now I'm irritated, I cannot find anywhere a reciprocal logo for Blogger (which clicks though to my personal blog).  I want to put the blog badge/button (and that's another issue everyone calls them something different) onto my website.  Do they not have a "get your badge here" department?  Seems a bit daft if they don't.  I'm trying to operate my own mutual appreciation society between all these things, promoting each of them on each other and moi at the same time.  So until someone can offer any help, think I may just have to settle with my clickable link on my website.

In the meantime aside from self promotion (cough) The Material Girls have received the dates for the collaborative exhibition in Canada - a brief summary is in the righthand margin, and more details on the dedicated page above.  You can of course also bookmark The Material Girls website and blog.

The Rochford Art Trail came to an end, no major sales, but its not really the point of doing, well not for me.  However, my chiffon flowers were well received and I've been asked to turn several into brooches.  It was always a possibility, and had been considered, but it feels better responding to demand, rather than making and hoping!!!  You may have seen before, but here's a pic.

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