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16 January 2013

A Taste of Textiles (in lots of ways...)

Wheee spin around and suddenly it's all change.  Within three days the calendar for 2013 has been added to.
# Before the New Year I received an email asking if I would like to review a book... well two offers actually.  One book wasn't me, so I checked out the other.  This was out of the blue, no idea how they found me, or chose me. Part of a mail shot no doubt, but still a thrill for me. Decided to be straight and responded Yes, but were they sure, after all I'm just little ole me, trying to make my way in the art world.  I'm not a 'name'  nor publish a magazine or the like.  The answer still came back yes, and the book arrived yesterday.  I will write a review, publish it here and on my Facebook page.  So for me, a new task/experience to take on.  Come back soon to see more.
# I've also had an invite for a social textile get together, not for a while, but that's also gone into the diary and looking forward to seeing people not seen for a while.
#And lastly but importantly, received a request, friend of friend, to exhibit a couple of pieces of work in February, not new pieces.  Nice to be included in the ask, and also to extend contacts.

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Su said...

What fab things :-)