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25 January 2013

And next we have...

I don't do much family on here, but I am a very proud auntie.  My niece Vickie, has just been accepted into college to study a BTEC in Art and Design plus Photography.  No doubt she now has to work hard to make sure she gets her grades for her place. I'm just so pleased she gets to follow her dream from the get go, and not like me, had to wait to my 30s... plus it's nice to think arty stuff is in the genes.  I can stop being the weird one not doing a 'proper' job.

In the meantime, I had an email to say my Sketchbook from The Sketchbook Project has been viewed again.  That makes 4 times!!!   True not many, but it's 4 more than I ever expected.... so thank you, whoever you are, whether you enjoyed or not, it's nice to have been considered.

I've been spending money - tsk my friend's fault.  Talking over the phone guiding her through finding a product on a website, and I say... careful make sure it's the best deal, and then I find at half price and, well it's just plain rude not to buy.  So here they are, Superior Rainbow threads, just love the short length colour change:
I've delivered my work to Juliet for onward  delivery to A Taste of Textiles exhibition, which gets set up next week.  As the time covers Valentines, my two pieces of work and shops pieces are all hearts. Not new pieces for the occasion, but more as it implies a Taste of who I am as a textile person.
Details of Heart Icon and Heart Mosaic

Details from the two large stitched postcards for sale


Diane Kelsey said...

Lovely work! How are the MG ideas coming long!

Beverley said...

Hi Diane - MG I have brilliant pieces, all in my head, making and doing is another situation.