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31 January 2013


I've been playing, not that I really grasp what I'm doing, but I've made myself a Page on Facebook.  Its for my art life, (cough) trying to be a proper artist darhlinks!!!  But I have decided that any more of this interwebbing and twitfacing, I will need staff!!
I don't like mess and muddle, and Facebook is a bit of that for me, too many columns and lines and stuff and I can't work out which way is what, let alone a new language to learn.  As I often say, my keyboard has a carriage return, not an enter key!!!
I've changed the little badge thingy (that's a very technical name for it) over on the righthand menu here, which should click and connect.  I invite you to visit my new page, you will find some Photos uploaded, and if you would like to Like me, that would be good, otherwise I'll end up as BeverleyNoMates.  Thank you.

You will need to be a Facebook Member to see me at:

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