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07 March 2013

Creating, Sharing and Laughing

Well its been a busy kind of few days.
Having been ill for a week with one thing I had a few days well and came down with a stinking cold.  But I decided I wanted to work on an idea and needed it to take with me at a meeting where we stitch.
Warning to self: Never ever bother to get on the sewing machine when brain is full of fog.
The brilliant nod to Lynda Monk which was in my head certainly didn't pay off,.  Straight lines were anything but... I had hoped that the addition of paint would improve it, but no, still don't like.  And its got even worse with the addition of beads....

Friday I was out on a textile get together with friends. Invited by Chris, there were about 11 of us for cake, chat and laughter.  Amongst them Lynda, Juliet, Miriam, Janette, who have a web presence.
Lynda, generous as always gave us each one of her postcards... she has nothing to fear I can tell you from my above efforts adopted from her latest book.
The discussion was textile likes and dislikes, interesting.  Some people tell such a good story behind it, we howled with laughter.  But amongst the dislikes:
~ huge requirements list which need a wheelbarrow to carry to the venue and then you only use 3 items, or sometimes none of them!!!  We've all had that experience I think.
~ things like dyeing or paper making which of itself is OK - but the disporportionate amount of time then needed to do the clearing up and putting away.
~ impulse buys of threads which are beautiful but fall off the spool and knot as soon as opened.
~ impulse buys of fabric which is beautiful but hugely expensive, just because the tutor brought it.
~ sharing things with others when you've kept them pristine, turn your back and they've been opened, unravelled, spread out all over the table.

Its said that we learn more by our mistakes, and some of those present keep these things in a prominnent place to remind not to do that again.

Monday I helped to take down A Taste of Textiles at Maldon.  No sales for me, but not a surprise.  But it seemed well received on the whole.
Tuesday one of my stitchy meetings, Kathleen who has moved to Herts, came down to see us.  She travels by bus and left at 6.40am to be with us. So good of her to do that, and we had a lovely catch up.

In my capacity as ERTF web person, I've added the next Conference details to the web.  "Marketing Your Artwork with Karen Jinks.  Please check it out, open to non Members.  The conferences are not of the subject type you normally find for textiles.

Saturday I'm off to the local EG - its a practical stitchy afternoon, a surprise in waiting. "Out of the Comfort Zone"

And next Tues its Material Girls so need to bash on with my project.

I have 4 regular textile meetings but they all happen within approx 12 day space, which should mean the rest of the month I can get on with things, cough....

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