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12 March 2013

A Beverley by Any Other Name

I've been playing puter stuff, and bought myself another domain name:
It goes to my regular website same as previously.  But I thought I'd get it to tie in with this blog address, so its one name only to remember, and if you happen to miss out the 'blogspot' bit you still get to me!!!  (that's a plan hey?)
Isn't it hard though working out names for such important things.  For my regular website address I thought for ages and ages about should it be my full name, or shortened?  I decided on the short version, mainly because people often spell my first name wrong anyway.  Sing along now, its Beverley with an 'e' not....
Beverly is the male version of the name and the ley is the female.  Though its often interchangeable.  Indeed I worked with a male Beverley for a few years - and much confusion it brought to the office, getting each other's phone calls.
Then let's not start on should it be a .com or a or or or.  I went with for my own name website because, simple, I'm in the UK and I wanted it known as such.
So why Fibre-Reaction and why .com
Fibre-Reaction was the title of my very first solo Exhibition, chosen, very simply because my work is my reaction and use of fibres of all kinds!
I went with .com this time because it seems to flow nicely when you say it, and matches the blog BUT its the UK English spelling of Fibre so hopefully that pinpoints me to where I am in the world, or where I'm not!
Whichever website name you chose, do please visit, it would be nice to know I'm not just amusing myself!
After all of that, I think I've used up my brain cells for the week - though I'm testing if they can be replenished with chocolate, might need several considered experiments in that regard.  Mhmmm may be cake works as well.....

1 comment:

Lesley said...

I, too have several web site accounts, him in doors and others all suggest .com is better than as it appears some in the internet world don't like come to see those of us who use anything other than .com, how true this is I'm not sure.
Guess why I hate my name? Lesley with ley not lie I am not male never have been and I doubt whether I ever will be but even the hospital wrote to me as Mr I was not impressed, so I sympathize completely, even when you spell it out for people or they see it written they still get it wrong.