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21 March 2013

Spring Repurposing

Well the sun is shining and its Spring, wheeee.  Though still cold and still snow appears on the forecast.
And what do we do in the Spring - we Spring Clean, ooooh goody goody.  Actually I've come to the conclusion its more to do with more daylight you can see the cobwebs!!
I've done some repurposing, fancy new term given to chucking and clearing out.  Sssssh don't tell anyone but there's way too much creative stuff around here.
I have some craft equipment bits which do sit in the back of cupboards and have had to be dusted off.   Why don't I just get rid of them.  I think its the age old thing of you look and see it cost a lot of money and a bit of self nagging in failing to use, and also its nice to think when you part with somethng you do so for the right reason.  Sometimes things need to be binned or go to recycling, sometimes a charity shop can be the answer, but not always with craft items, its nice to think they'd go somewhere where people would benefit from them and use them.
But.... ta dah.... local papercraft shop is having a charity day next Tuesday, 26th March.  So I've taken some of my old craft equipment things in to them today.  Excellent I've got rid of a few things and money raised with go to support a cancer charity... most of us have unfortunately I guess been touched by cancer, knowing family or friends who need support.
And... I might see what else I can find to take in, one of these things where if I pull, the contents of the entire cupboard might fall on my head!

But I'm in need of something pretty, some colour, fed up with the drabness of this very long Winter.
This is in progress, and for all my doubters who says "but she never does handstitching".

Just one or two French Knots.
Its one of these things which started off as a good idea at the time, then as you work it, you start with, whose stupid idea was this then?  But its quite theraputic and gets to the point where must keep stitching and finish off.  The idea was a series of... but don't think I can live long enough to do that.  The fear is that with the next stage, I muck up all those hours of stitching, but in the meantime, its Springlike, just what we need.


chocolatefrog said...

Those French knots are absolutely delicious!

Miriam Weaver said...

I agree those french knots are delicious, very spring like. Just what we need Beverley in this horrible dull weather. I find that repetitive stitching therapeutic, I can think of other things while I stitch. Thats one of the reasons I need to knit when I 'm stressed.

Diane Kelsey said...

What a lovely idea, a charity day in a craft shop, such a great excuse to have a sort out. As for the stitching I am very impressed.